DLPS Curriculum


The academic instructions imparted at this school are designed to prepare students for the following exams:-
  1. Secondary School Examination.
  2. The Children Competitive Exams.
  3. The school of Sports, Painting, Socially Useful Productive Work and Games

Medium Of Instruction

  1. The medium of instruction in school is English but Hindi is also used as helping language.
  2. A student is required to qualify in Sanskrit/Regional language up to class X.


    Examination of all classes is conducted according to C.C.E. pattern. Fortnight Test is conducted time to time also.

Session & Vacation

  1. The school session stands in April and ends in March.
  2. The school is closed by 3rd /4th week of May for summer vacation (20days) and reopens in 1st /2nd week of June.
  3. The school also closes in regional festivals and holidays. Monday is weekly holiday of the school.
  4. In special cases, the classes run under the direction of school administration.

Cash & Valuable

  1. Students are not permitted to keep cash/valuables with them.
  2. The pupil can deposit money and other valuable things in school in special cases.
  3. Students are also not permitted to possess mobile phones, Radio, Tape recorder, Walkman, Transistor etc. during their stay in the school.